Who we are

Who we are

Brief history of the formation of the United African Women Organization

Mrs. Loretta Macauley, from Sierra Leone, was wrongfully terminated from her 11 years of employment without compensation. She therefore decided to cry out for help and for her rights. Through this process she met with many women’s organizations, one was ISOTITA, where she met with Mrs. Dimitra Malliu, from Albania.

After all her experience from her fight, she gains something good and valuable experiences for the African women in Greece. She notices that African women stay at home and don’t even know they have rights in the country they are living with their families. She also understands that African Women lack the ability to express their problems.

That’s when she decides to call on African Women to come together with one voice and fight for their rights and all the privileges they are deprived of, for so long.

On the 27th of February, 2005, the African Women Organization has their 1st meeting at Kefallinias 31, coordinated by Mr. Moawia, President of the Migrant Forum.


Aims and Objectives:

1. To create awareness of various issues concerning the African women and their children living in Greece.
2. To support and fight for the rights of especially our second generation and at all levels.
3. To create mutual bonds of solidarity between Africans and our host the Greeks.
4. To explore and incorporate the rich African woman heritage into the rich Greek heritage.
5. To work hand in hand with various social, NGOs and other Organizations that stand for justice, non racial and friendly society for all.

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