Mobilization for birth certificate

With the occasion of the municipal elections in Oct 15, 2006, in Greece, we the immigrants that live and give birth in Greece publicized out struggle for the provision of birth certificates for our children that are born in Greece.

The situation is tragic. The Greek authorities do not give a birth certificate to immigrant children.

In all the planet and in all over Europe, there is no other country that denies this obvious elementary right. Thus Greece constitutes a sad world wide exception. This denial has devastating effects: today the second-generation immigrant children in Greece are stateless and are forced to live in social exclusion. That is, we can see a extreme social problem building up, that in the future could lead to explosive situations like the one witnessed last year in France…

The pan-Hellenic network of women immigrants and the United African Women Organization (members of the Greek Forum of Migrants) call the immigrant, women, trade-union, social organizations and especially the municipal parties in a meeting for the creation of a wide initiative committee that will further support our campaign “Meeting racism in the cradle, equality for the children of immigrants in Greece”.

We believe that this is a good opportunity to sensitize the public opinion and accent the issue, perhaps even to win…

We remind you that this campaign began on the 3rd of December 2005 with a demonstration at Dimarchio square (Athinas street). Since then, the problem became well-known in Greece and abroad, because many newspapers, TV channels and conferences treated this unbearable situation.

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